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Fluorescent light covers – Stars

Price: $70.00

Skyscapes® decorative fluorescent light covers. These beautiful fluorescent light covers are replacements for the covers on your recessed fluorescent fixture. They help diffuse harsh light and create a warm and soothing atmosphere .

  • Measures 23 3/4″ X 47 3/4″
  • Fits standard 4′ recessed (4 tube) fixtures
  • Easy to fit just about anywhere, trim to fit.
  • Made of tough Durastrong, Clear Cells, and Rigid Acrylic Plastic. Durastrond easy to work with and very durable.
  • Lightweight, and easy to handle
  • Good for home or commercial use
  • Thicker and longer lasting then traditional polystyrene
  • Fantastic color representation
  • DuraStrong  are made with a strong plastic. Formulated with just enough white pigment for the best luminosity without viewing the light bulbs.  Durastrong plastic and ink are UV stabilized so that the color stays bright and crisp.  Best of all, our DuraStrong plastic is guaranteed not to break during shipping – even with rougher handling.  Sky-Scapes® replace your old diffusers and come in industry standard size of 23 ¾” X 47 ¾”.

DuraStrong plastic is specifically manufactured for Sky-Scapes® fluorescent light diffusers.  DuraStrong has a 10-15 year lifespan, and a UL-94V-2 ating.  DuraStrong plastic is .045 mils thick.  We added UV inhibitors to DuraStrong to help prevent the material from yellowing.

  • Clear Cells are NEW fluorescent light cover products.  They allow the most light into your room.  Designed to be inserted into the tray behind your existing light diffusers, they are pre-cut to 22.¾” X 46.½” and fit most fluorescent fixtures. They can be cut down to fit your light fixture with a utility knife or a pair of scissors.  Sky-Scapes® Clear Cells are our entry level product and are full of vibrant color.
  • Rigid Acrylic fluorescent diffuser material has a high quality image appearance, lower fire rating, shorter life span and are a bit more difficult to cut.

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